Learning to keep my mouth shut – and failing!

Having recently got feedback from the senior management team and more experienced colleagues within  the organisation I work for, it appears I am too open. This is being deemed as naive... I am a very open person and am happy to share my thoughts, plans and opinions. Is this wrong? Apparently I need to be more … Continue reading Learning to keep my mouth shut – and failing!


Curiosity in L&D

Continuing on the theme of Learning at Work Week #NLAWWeek I would recommend listening to The GoodPractice Podcast; How important is curiosity in L&D? GoodPractice discusses; What does curiosity mean to you Should L&D professionals be more curious than the average person? Has L&D been curious about the right things? How can L&D encourage change … Continue reading Curiosity in L&D

Curiosity according to Stella Collins #NLAWWeek

This week 15th-21st May is Learning at Work week, which is an annual event and 2017's theme is Curious & Creative. I discovered the power of curiosity in learning and development when I read Neuroscience for Learning and Development by Stella Collins. She explains; "When we are curious out brains are stimulated by dopamine, a neurotransmitter that … Continue reading Curiosity according to Stella Collins #NLAWWeek