Dopamine in learning

Since last weeks CPD event about Neuroscience I have been reading different articles as I would like to incorporate ways to release dopamine in any learning and development solution I create. In 2012 Martha Burns, Ph.D shared Dopamine and Learning: What The Brain’s Reward Center Can Teach Educators through Scientific Learning. Martha: refers to dopamine as the “save button” … Continue reading Dopamine in learning


Curiosity in L&D

Continuing on the theme of Learning at Work Week #NLAWWeek I would recommend listening to The GoodPractice Podcast; How important is curiosity in L&D? GoodPractice discusses; What does curiosity mean to you Should L&D professionals be more curious than the average person? Has L&D been curious about the right things? How can L&D encourage change … Continue reading Curiosity in L&D