Decembers Focus

This month I shall be focusing on… self-directed learning and taking responsibility of your own development.

The autumn 2016 CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook report published by the CIPD highlighted employee development is an area of concern for individuals regardless of their sector.

The report finds;

  • 33 per cent of respondents said they would not fulfil their career aspirations with their current organisation,
  • Over a quarter of workers said their organisation is not providing them with opportunities to learn and grow at work,
  • 24 per cent said they were dissatisfied with the opportunities to develop specific skills in their job.

Suggestions have been made that investment by L&D may not be beneficial and failing to successful develop employees. For those of us who want to grow this report is disappointing, so it falls to us as individuals to take control of our own development and career progression.

Throughout December I am going to focus on:


  • What is self-directed learning,
  • How to target self-directed learning to your aspirations,
  • How to keep motivated,
  • Finding opportunities to use these skills.

This was an area that was briefly touched upon in last month’s blog when I delved into CPD, discovering this process was bespoke to individuals and the various activities that could be completed as part of CPD, one of which being self-directed learning.


Keep your eye on my twitter feed for related articles that I find interesting. I shall publish my findings and summary towards the end of the month.



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