PERMA Model & motivation

A scienctific theory to happiness - perma model

Whilst looking into what motivates us I have discovered Martin Seligman’s PERMA Model. According to Seligman, these 5 experiences are essential to long lasting well-being. With all five, a person will be more motivated and have a better attitude towards family life and work.

An element of self-awareness is required to use the PERMA model, but, what ever goals you have set, these elements can help you stay motivated.

Think about an area of your life and the experiences it brings… ask yourself:

  1. What positive emotions do I experience?
  2. What truly engages me?
  3. Where are the good relationships?
  4. What personal meaning do I find?
  5. What accomplishments have I achieved?

Don’t restrict your answers to your thoughts during the event, also consider before and after. Summarise your feelings in a couple of sentences.

Here’s one I made earlier… whilst creating this I thought about taking part in triathlons:

Positive emotion Getting out on a cold dark night or blistering hot day is difficult. The atmosphere at organised events is fantastic and I always look forward to the day. Plus I get to eat what I want!
Engagement It can take me some time to “get in the zone” but about 15 minutes in I forget everything and focus on the task at hand and enjoy getting out in the fresh air.
Relationships I have inspired my family to take part and a “Tri family” is growing. They keep me motivated and we have enjoyed many days out training.
Meaning I have had many conversations with very unlikely people about the hobby/sport. It gives me great pleasure to have an interest outside of work.
Achievement I see continuous improvement with my fitness. I am very proud of not only being able to finish Sprint Triathlons and somehow have the motivation to carry on even after coming last!
Summary It gives me great satisfaction and I enjoy keeping fit.

When you are working towards any goal it is natural to occasionally feel negative and the PERMA model can promote positive feelings or allow time to re-evaluate those goals.

Positive Psychology Program explains in detail each element and suggest ways of applying it to your life: The PERMA Model: Your Scientific Theory of Happiness

The views and opinions expressed in the article shared are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views do not necessarily reflect those of Focus N Develop.



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