Setting SMART objectives

My local CIPD branch forwarded their Mentee Handbook after I was unable to attend the webinar, this document outlined:

  • What is mentoring
  • Roles within mentoring
  • Role model mentoring
  • The mentoring life cycle
  • Issues to consider in a mentoring agreement
  • What are the benefits of mentoring
  • A checklist for your first meeting
  • Setting learning objectives
  • Winding up the mentoring relationship

I am in regular contact with my mentor and we are starting to set direction. Which means it’s time to sit and set myself a SMART objective.

There are various meanings for SMART which Duncan Haughey explores in Project Smart’s SMART goals. I typically think of SMART as the below:


So, lets apply this to my goals:

S= I want to move away from admin tasks  and focus on designing  and delivering learning and development programs . Long term goal is to become an L&D consultant.

M= Be successful at interview for a job opportunity within my organisation which is due to open in the near future. If not successful , a clear picture of how my current role can increase my skill set for the long term goal.

A= With support of my family, colleagues and line manager, yes.

R= I need to update my skills in certain areas and gain more knowledge in new technology. Given the opportunity to assist on a live project within my organisation and through research, reading and networking at home I am unable my to see any reasons why not.

T=  Design/delivery role – 6 months. L&D consultant- 10 years.

By putting this together in one sentence I should have a SMART objective:

Over the next 6 months I will be able to demonstrate I have updated my skills, knowledge and increased my experience in designing L&D programs. I will be able to demonstrate this at interview for a digital learning designer role. Alongside this, I will identify 5 areas of development to work towards my dream of being an L&D consultant.

If you are looking at setting yourself goals and objectives Project Smart provide a free SMARTER goals template, which  may help you.

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