DPG’s characteristics of an L&D professional 

In 2015 DPG highlighted how workplace learning has changed over the past 15 years and noted that the L&D professional needed to have a different skill set to met this change. Their artical 10 characteristics of an outstanding L&D professional explains now learners are taking control of their own learning journey how L&D needs to change … Continue reading DPG’s characteristics of an L&D professional 


Curiosity in L&D

Continuing on the theme of Learning at Work Week #NLAWWeek I would recommend listening to The GoodPractice Podcast; How important is curiosity in L&D? GoodPractice discusses; What does curiosity mean to you Should L&D professionals be more curious than the average person? Has L&D been curious about the right things? How can L&D encourage change … Continue reading Curiosity in L&D

Curiosity according to Stella Collins #NLAWWeek

This week 15th-21st May is Learning at Work week, which is an annual event and 2017's theme is Curious & Creative. I discovered the power of curiosity in learning and development when I read Neuroscience for Learning and Development by Stella Collins. She explains; "When we are curious out brains are stimulated by dopamine, a neurotransmitter that … Continue reading Curiosity according to Stella Collins #NLAWWeek

L&D in the future

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire CIPD branch ran an event in March discussing the future of learning and development. Due to a bereavement in the family I was unable to attend and requested the slides from the facilitator. Now I've had the opportunity to look and review the information contained, it appears that some of the facts were taken … Continue reading L&D in the future