Hi… my name is Niki Hobson and I am Learning & Development profestional who specialises in digital learning design. Discover more about me here.

Developing interactive and social training solutions which meet individual and organisational objectives is my passion.If you would like to discuss your training needs, feel free to contact me.

I work in conjunction with subject matter experts to create engaging programmes. I am keen to promote daily learning within workplaces which encourages individual and team development. 

Niki Hobson

Based in Derbyshire, UK, I have worked within the private, public and voluntary sector as a trainer and facilitator delivering training sessions to diverse groups on a wide range of subjects.

This blog is my little corner of the online world where I can reflect and share my thoughts on the L&D world.

Normal Disclaimer:

This blog is my own work and my own opinions. I don’t represent any official position of my organisation, clients, or any former employers.